Personalize your Gifts

Have you ever been in a situation where you don't know what type of gift to give. Of course the usual card, gift basket, or even a bottle of wine. That's cute, but when a gift is given, you want to make it personal. The Crystyler gives you that opportunity to create a gift that is specific to the person! 
Not only are you creating a personal gift that is truly a one of a kind, but you also get a the gift of creating, and putting your vision into reality for that very special person!

Whether the special person is into hearts, fashion, or animal prints, the Crystyler is there to add some sparkle to your gifts!

Because, the Crystyler crystals come in variety of colors, one can keep the gift subtle for those who are a little more difficult to perceive. Keeping the crystals to 1-2 different colors! and for your friends that is a artist, fashion lovers or color lovers you can use all the variety of crystals that Crystyler offers!
The simple things go a long way! 


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