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Norma Rapko Vargas is the girl next door…Yet soon to be a household name!

She is the Latina Martha Stewart in her own right. Norma is her brand. Walk into her home and her style leaps off her walls. Her fashion sense is a walking billboard of her artistic style. With a personality that sparkles brighter than the crystals she decorates with, her magnetic personality lights up a room! To know her is to love her! She is an artful soul with a missionary heart! Although she is gifted to make all things beautiful, she is not afraid to get her hands dirty during missionary trips to Mexico and building homes for families in need. She currently teaches crafting workshops for her church as a ministry, and has as many as 120 students attending per workshop!

With all that said, and as comfortable as it is to be around her, Norma Rapko Vargas is very accomplished! She is an inventor, designer, author and on camera talent. Norma has been featured in ‘Summerset Magazine’ and ‘Where Women Create’ to name a few. She is the author of ‘Embellished Memories’ published by Martingale&Co. Norma is also a respected and sought after product developer of a signature line of picture frames, jewelry and home décor marketed and sold worldwide. She was also involved in product development for Home Goods and various others. Norma was the first featured designer of Plaid Craft T.V., as she is a Latina crafting celebrity and was recently awarded the National Latina Business Women of the Year for Arts and Production. She has also been featured on NBC and Univision. Her most recent achievement is becoming an ‘inventor’ of an innovative tool that will literally revolutionize the application of crystals worldwide, partnering with Walnut Hollow (One of the most respected companies in the industry.) And becoming the national spokesperson for her own product line, expect to see her tool featured in Box stores nationwide and worldwide.

Norma Rapko Vargas started in very humble beginnings, the daughter of immigrant parents, a carpenter and a seamstress. Norma spent her summers working in her grandparents sewing factory where she developed her entrepreneurial spirit and her love and passion for creativity. And what appeared as starting her business by accident on her kitchen table needing to find a picture frame for her picture, this prolific artist would soon find out it was a divine providence. She had a gift, and soon began sharing it with the world. Norma communicates with passion and purpose, and is an enthusiastic crusader of what is possible. She will continue inspiring those around her to pursue their dreams and not to settle for less than what God intends them to be!

                                      Bio Written By Lori CarterBonn


  1. Love you and am SO PROUD of your accomplishments. Thank you for “artfully blessing” my life! XoXo

  2. So glad to be your CMI Sister! Great introduction, looking forward to more of your great posts!

  3. So proud of your amazing accomplishments. You are such a talent and inspiration, thank you for letting me be a part of your journey. I can't wait to see how God continues to bless all you do. Love and blessings to you!

  4. Michele MotsingerJuly 25, 2012 at 10:49 PM

    Go Norma!!! SO proud of you for chasing your dreams and making them come to LIFE! I can't wait to fill our home with some artful blessings :)!

  5. Ok girlfriend, you are up and running! So exciting...proud of you my friend! Love you!

  6. Beautiful launch for your blog..... Looks great. Congratulations lovely lady you are on your way to accomplishing amazing things as you brighten the world and make it sparkle!!!! Blessings to you my friend.

  7. Hola Norma, glad to have met you via Charity Wings - so happy to see a Latina going for her dreams - it allows all of us that are starting on our own journey. Can't wait to try your new tool, I love working with crystals and I glue them the way you did before you created your new tool. Gluing one by one is time consuming specially when you have lots to do. Are you going to have a design team? Just wondering.
    Well wish you the best and looking forwards to more posts from you!!! Suerte en todo!!!

  8. Hi Norma, I'm thrilled that we got to know each other through pitch parties and the CMI competition. I love your blog and I look forward to reading more as you add more post! FYI when my kids were younger I used crafts to help get things done or to help create a little family/fun time!


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