Crystýler at Coachella

Thousands of people come out to celebrate Coachella every year, and every year the fashion changes, but the sparkles don't! Every where you turn you see sparkles on the face to the nails, all the way down to the feet! Lets not forget the fashionable items that bling as well! A lot of you may see these items and wonder , where, when, and how to get these fashionable statements in your closet! WELL, what if I told you they are already in your closet, and the only thing your missing is your Crystyler Kit
The Crystyler by Norma Rapko is designed not just to sparkle all your items, but to lift up your inner creativity and help you create all the things you thought could only be brought at the stores! 

pictures provided by Fabsugar

Coachella never has a problem turning heads with fashion. Our favorite stylish sisters showed their creative funk with Kylie Jenner wearing a black leather fanny pack with sparkles surfacing the exterior, and not to mention her big sister Kendall Jenner wearing getting creative with here sparkled face which surfaced around her forehead and eyebrows, really showing her inner hippie chic. No! we aren't done, look a little further down to Kendalls sandals and see more sparkles all over her feet, they're both sparkled up from head to toes! The two pictures left and right of the stylish sisters are other at home projects that can be to Crystyled up that were also seen at Coachella 2014 extravaganza. The closet of yours is almost prepared for your next trip Coachella! From your head all the way down to your toes, you can sparkle like a superstar!!!

Take a Closer Look!!!

Visit the Website To See How --- Crystyler 


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