Crystyling Vintage Rings with Crystyler by Norma Rapko

I wanted to create a fall fashion project for the fashionista in me!

I started with these beautiful stone rings. They are available in different colors.

Using my new Crystyler 12 and Crystyler 20 tools and coordinating crystals it made the application of the crystals fast and easy. 

The crystals are available in 12 different colors. The Crystyler Tool is available in two sizes. To watch the tool in action and learn more about this program visit

I used e-6000 glue for these rings.  It works great to glue on this stone surface.

To layer the rings I used small roses, crosses and other small findings.

I applied the glue to the top of the surface and then using the Crystyler 20 or 12 tool I added the crystals to the edge of the ring.

Next I applied the rose to center. These rings are so beautiful and easy to make they are perfect fashion accessory for the season!


  1. Wow, these rings are darling. Love that you don't need a bezel. The ring base provides the base. I am definitely going to have to invest in that handy little Crystyler. It just simplifies everything, doesn't it?!! Thank you for this super sweet tutorial!


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