Playroom Makeover

 This summer I had a hard reality check! My children announced they no longer needed or wanted a playroom! I knew this, Andrew my son just turned 16 and my daughter Brooke 14, they are both in high school and Andrew is on his way to College soon! I was avoiding the inevitable, they are no longer the kids that loved playing with Woody, Buzz, Kit The American Girl Doll, or Thomas the train.  We moved into this beautiful house 9 years ago and we created a beautiful bright yellow Pottery Barn style playroom heaven for the them.

 I decided I was going to turn the room into a guest bedroom. We started the painstaking project by literally going through every single toy and book, It was a very emotional process for me, every book and toy held a special memory. Once we were done with that process we were able to start the fun part!

I started by enlisting the help of hubby to help paint the room, ( you may or may not have one of these but if you do, they sure come in  handy! LOL)  I chose a beautiful neutral grey color, Grey Mist from Home Depots Home Decorators Collection.

I wanted the room to have a relaxing soothing feel. I also wanted to hang a collection of mirrors I had made and other unique items I had been collecting. The grey would be a perfect backdrop. 

I used all white bedding and white curtains to allow for the wall art to be the showcase.

To hang a collection on the wall like this it is always best to measure the wall and create  you layout on the floor first and then measure and hang them on the wall.

This entire room was created on a budget and I used recycled furniture! The crackled nightstand was a hand me down from a friend and the other side table is a small patio table with an old trunk to add height. 

The lamps I found at a flea market for $1.00! They are old plaster lamps and I added the lamp kit and lampshade for a total cost of $17.00 for both.

The old ceiling tin above the bed was also found at a flea market for $20.00. 

I styled the bookcase with picture frames I made covered in burlap gold gilded paper and mental roses. to make these frames watch my tutorial on How to make fabric covered frames .

Instead of a headboard use lots of  big pillows and hang an interesting piece above the bed.

I was so thrilled with the end result I wanted to move in!


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    1. Thank You! Stay connected I will be blogging Amazing projects this month!

  2. I'm moving in!!! Love it, Norma!
    Love you,
    Kristin Bly

  3. wow, looks so awesome! Hubby did a great job painting and you did a great job decorating! love it!! JoAnn

    1. Thank You JoAnn! I useally am the painter but with the broken arm that was not going to happen! So Mr. Hubby had no choice! He did a better than I would have! Hugs!

  4. It's beautiful! Great job! I love the eclectic framed mirrors-- I might try that!

    1. You should try it! I always had a diifcult time with wall Art I have big wall space and I could never find large pieces I loved! This tip also works great in small rooms, especially if you use mirrors. It will help make the room look bigger.

  5. Wow! Makes me want to move in too Norma. I love love me a makeover. I'll def be using some ideas for my daughter's room. She just turned 15yr.


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  8. When I can go and stay in that beautiful guest room?? hahahaa... it is so beautiful!


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